american heart association


Go Red for Women is The American Heart Association's annual fund-raiser. This logo needed to appeal to a sophisticated target audience. A fashion show is a regular part of this event.

klk ministries


This is the publishing logo for an author who writes novels based on 21st century Biblical revelations. The overall look and feel reflect his "walk in the light" and the nature of his ministry.

santa rosa Cemetery


This cemetery is located in a lovely historic park, a perfect place for a stroll or picnic. Its beautiful trees and heritage connect the past with the present and celebrates life in its many aspects.



This company makes home decor products that feature innovative and unconventional materials. The overall look conveys its on-trend and fun personality.

Great Scott


This logo contains a portrait of its owner, Scott. It conveys his genial personality and also the nature of his business, which is making pizzas for school fund-raisers.

financial balance


People feel very vulnerable when they are deep in debt. Instead of feeling cold and impersonal, this logo conveys the warmth and personal touch and of its owner in getting the customers back on the road to financial health.

c and j property services


This logo reflects the 3-dimensional aspect of the many types of construction services offered by this business.Their expertise extends well beyond just basic carpentry. 

heartwood church


This client wanted a logo to appeal to people not necessarily attracted to conventional churches. This logo avoids religious stereotypes and conveys warmth and welcome.

on course turf management


This is for a client who provides maintenance services for golf courses. He needed to say "golf course" loud and clear without implying that he sells golf equipment. 

ladybug technologies


Designed for a client who didn’t want to look like just another “hi-tech” company. The ladybug is symbolic of the small size of their very innovative product.This distinctive look contributed to a very successful launch.


the handsewn quilt company


This was designed for an entrepreneur who created her own line of handmade quilts. This says it all.



How to represent the business owner's gregarious personality and Turkish heritage? His name, Alkaisi, is spelled out phonetically here.The word also happens to be Turkish for "red apricot", which is represented in the abstract.

restoration station


This logo conveys respect for tradition and time-honored techniques. They lovingly restore family heirlooms to their original beauty.

professional organizer


A logo for a professional organizer that shows the benefit of having completed the task of getting things in order. Done, and done!

moving energy


This is a reiki practitioner who wanted to appeal to a wider target audience. Not everyone knows what reiki is, so this logo was created to be inviting and professional.

henderson architect


This logo conveys the sophisticated and clean aesthetic of this architect. 

dolce vita salon


This salon moved to a new, more urban location and wanted a sophisticated image to speak to their upscale target market. This new identity contributed to the success of their new venture.