postcard, american heart association


A logo and identity created for the American Heart Association's annual Go Red for Women event. A sophisticated look was developed for this fundraiser's upscale target market and included a fashion show.

postcard, hallmark gold crown


The signature warmth and emotional appeal that is Hallmark's is reflected in the engaging photography that brings the products to life. 


postcard, ad-vantage marketing


This was designed for a direct mail company that has the capability to address customers individually. Each postcard is addressed to speak to different customers in their own way of speaking.

postcard, chris pennock


This insurance agent works mainly with those in the construction and trades industries. The language is direct and without frills and exudes an overall approachable informality and sense of humor, which is very much  in keeping with this agent's unique brand.

postcard, davis carpets


This is a family-owned business that wanted to let everyone know they are very much a part of the local community. The owner grew up in the business; Lucy the dog made sure visitors felt right at home.


postcard, linda living


This was created as a handout for a health and wellness trade show and made the point that you may be eating healthfully, but may still be eating foods that are not tolerated well by your own unique system: not something most of us realize!


postcard, eric taggesell


This was part of a campaign addressed to existing customers of a home loan consultant. These customers are already familiar with this person's easygoing and genial personality; this serves as a reminder that it may be time to have another chat and catch up on things. 


postcard, dk landscaping


This landscaping company kept hearing that their level of professionalism was greatly desired but hard to find. This let everyone know that they do exist, right here! This campaign helped DK Landscaping achieve its marketing goals within six short months.


postcard, hilton hotels


This was a campaign created for Hilton Bellevue to promote their vacation package specials. Each promotion was adapted for use on the Hilton website as well as part of their multi- channel marketing campaign.


postcard, food stylist


These are images from a postcard designed to showcase the talents of an expert food stylist. Although the image on the left looks like an old masters' painting, both of these images are photos created specifically for this mailing. A very dramatic contrast!


postcard, xtraoak


This was a holiday illustration created by dressing up this international company's logo. Most of the year, their advertising is very product-focused, but this was not the time of year for a hard sell, just a warm greeting of goodwill.