Rosemira organics


Brand identity and package design created for a line of organic skincare products. This editorial image was created for use on Rosemira's website.

greenbank farms


Brand identity for a national market. The logo and illustration are clear and easy to read and allow for all the necessary legal copy without looking busy. It also lends itself to the many versions needed for their different types of cheese.

I magnin


A very simple and elegant design was created for I. Magnin private label chocolates. The color palette reflects the different flavors.


rosemira organics


Staying consistent with the brand, changes in color and images can delineate different versions of the same product.


Lynmar winery


This wine label was created for a limited production produced for an individual's family and colleagues.

I am fragrance


Brand identity created for a line of beauty products. Each of the fragrances has its own scent, color and affirmation.

college bound


This logo and packaging was created for a young man selling homemade cookies to raise money for college.

pax wines


This wine was named after a Miles Davis' album, which is about the mythical subterranean world of Agharta. A map of Agharta is featured in the background on the labels.

orange daily skin cream


In packaging design, it is sometimes important to show how an overall design will work before proceeding with the actual mockup.




Another rendering created to show how the packaging for this wine cooperage would work as seen from different angles.