Hallmark Gold Crown


An example of the story-telling photography directed for Hallmark Gold Crown. Each item is presented in a  warm, emotionally  engaging manner that shows the benefits, and not just the features, of its products.

postcard, food stylist


These are images from a postcard designed to showcase the talents of an expert food stylist. Although the image on the left looks like an old masters' painting, both of these are photos created specifically for this mailing. The contrast is stunning!




Before a photo is shot a quick rendering of the product can indicate how it is to be photographed. In the image at the far left, this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is show in the context of being displayed on a Christmas tree with lights in soft focus.

hallmark gold crown


By romancing the product with creative lighting and an interesting camera angle, the product becomes more than just merchandise and suggests how delightful it would be to receive as a gift.

amazon catalog


Photography for the Amazon launch catalog was shot on location in a real home to provide a relatable context for each product. The shot showing the muffins popping out of the pan does not involve any trickery: multiple takes were required!




Photo direction: In this catalog for PacBell, each phone feature was photographed to tell a story about its benefits.