Expert Branding in Santa Rosa
Iceberg Strategic Creative has over thirty years of national experience creating strong brands. Our branding expertise gives us the insight to know just what influences a buying decision. And how our brain processes what we see. And why it matters.

Gale Peck, founder and principal of Iceberg, is a graphic designer and marketing and advertising expert who has the know-how to develop the right brand for you whether you are located in Santa Rosa, the North Bay area, or beyond.

Here’s an iceberg analogy: When it comes to brand design, what you see is only about 10% of what’s really there. What lies beneath the surface is the 90% you don’t see: the thoughtful research and strategic thinking that goes into creating just the right brand for you.

We custom-design a brand to fit your business and yours only. It'll fit you just like a couture dress. Or a really cool pair of bespoke leather oxfords. You'll look great, but more importantly, you'll connect more than ever with your target customers. And get results.

If you’re interested in working with an experienced strategic branding expert in Santa Rosa, we offer a complimentary initial consultation and welcome your questions.

To schedule an appointment, pick up the phone and give Gale a call at 707.545.4253. Or email

And discover the power of the 90% you don’t see….
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