Oops! Again.

_18th Century Fashion Plate 211In advertising it’s extremely important to communicate clearly and concisely. You have just a split second to get your message across and accuracy is everything.

On the other hand, advertising can also be sublime when there is just a little something that gets mangled in the process. For example:

“There is a French widow in every bedroom, affording delightful prospects”  (Sign in a German hotel)

“Our wine list leaves you nothing to hope for” (Restaurant in Madrid).

“If you telephone for room service you will get the answer you deserve” (Room sign in Las Palmas).

Well put! And very wonderful. Most of the time, though, we like to know that what we are reading is exactly what was intended. Experienced and accurate copywriting is always in style! To check out what skillful copywriting can do for your business, schedule a complimentary initial consultation with Iceberg Strategic Creative. And say what you really mean to.


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