Hidden in plain sight

amazon-logo-001I’ve always enjoyed the smiling Amazon logo but didn’t realize I was missing out on a more subtle message it contains as well.

What I hadn’t noticed was that the smile is also an arrow. An arrow that points from a to z, referring to Amazon’s amazing breadth as a retailer. Many logos contain somewhat hidden elements that may elude your first glance (see previous post: Logos with hidden elements).

Great logos look deceptively simple, but they are the result of a lot of thoughtful planning. A good logo must be quick to comprehend (they need to convey the right message in a nanosecond) but because of all the careful strategic thinking that goes into creating them, they often contain more than just what first meets the eye.

At Iceberg Strategic Creative, what you see in a design is just the tip of the iceberg. The underlying strategic marketing that you don’t see (the other 90% of the iceberg) is just as important and is what gets results. For a complimentary consultation, simply give Gale Peck a call at 707.545.4253 or visit www.iceberstrategic.com. And find out how all that strategy can produce results for you.

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