Hello. Hola. Meow.

Creative Director: Gale Peck. From "Hello. Hola. Meow." Postcard.

Creative Director: Gale Peck. From “Hello. Hola. Meow.” Postcard.

In marketing, identifying your target market is key. These special people need to feel you’re are speaking directly to them and know what they want.

Successful businesses know they aren’t trying to sell to just anybody and everybody. Those messages end up being so general they don’t really speak directly to anybody at all.

Identifying your target market allows you to be specific and talk to prospects about what they’re interested in. Not only will you be able to connect with your desired customers, by targeting your market you’ll spend your advertising dollars wisely, resulting in more hits and fewer misses!

Helping you target your market is what we do! For a free consultation, contact Gale Peck at Iceberg Strategic Creative.

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