Creative Advertising Santa Rosa

At Iceberg Strategic Creative in Santa Rosa, creative advertising is made fresh for you, without prepackaged elements. With over thirty years of national experience in graphic design, marketing and advertising, founder Gale Peck has the insight into how we process the visual information we see, and what affects our purchasing decisions. How our brains work is often not the way we think they do!

And what we see is only 10% of what is really there, when we see a logo, a package or an ad. To use the iceberg example, the other 90% is unseen, but it's the marketing strategy that goes into each and every campaign. And it's what gets results.

In Santa Rosa, custom tailored creative advertising is what Iceberg all about. You only have a split second to make an impression on a prospect. They quickly (and subconsciously) decide if what they're looking at is of interest, or move on. We understand the importance of engaging your target audience in the blink of an eye and being able to clearly convey your features and benefits.

Great creative advertising in Santa Rosa is a unique blend created for you and only you. We clearly communicate your options and help you understand whether it's print or digital, or a combination of both that fits your special requirements. The right decisions are never the result of a standardized solution: we're here to help you make an informed decision!

Creating really effective creative advertising is a rewarding experience. If your Santa Rosa business is committed to excellence, just give Gale a call at 707.545.4253 or email An initial consultation is free of charge, as always.

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