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Can you hear color?

What if you heard a piano concerto whenever you saw the color pink? Or tasted blueberries when you saw the numeral 7? How about describing the smell of a hyacinth as a series of  concentric circles? Believe it or not, some of us do just that. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon that combines two (or… Read more »

It wasn't on the list, but…

Did you know that over 70% of our purchase decisions are made while we’re in a grocery store? And package design has a lot to do with those decisions. Package design is such a powerful influencer that a redesign for the wrapper of one popular brand of chewing gum recently involved the work of 12… Read more »

A little wine bottle history

In Roman times, wine used to be stored in clay pots because glass was fragile and didn’t travel well. Wine couldn’t be legally sold by the bottle in England until 1860; up till then, it could only be purchased by the barrel. Once you got it home, it was poured into any size or shape… Read more »

Color: it’s all in your head

In graphic design, color has a lot of influence. Our reaction to color is so subjective that it’s impossible to look at color without some kind of emotional response. Here’s a real-life example and a favorite advertising story: Three different colors were tested for the packaging for the same laundry detergent: those who tried the… Read more »

Turbo shopping

The average amount of time a customer spends looking at an item in the supermarket? 1/26th of a second. If your package design hasn’t captured their interest by then, they’ve moved on. Good graphic design involves quickly getting your attention (in a good way). And once it has, you then you have the opportunity to… Read more »

I made this myself, dammit

Thinking that convenience food was all about convenience, cake mixes were developed in the 1930’s that only required the addition of water. Tests showed that housewives were always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen. Sales were disappointing, however, until researchers discovered that no matter what they said, housewives really didn’t feel satisfied… Read more »

The power of one word

What one word, when added to the directions on a package, virtually doubled sales? (This is not a trick question). The word was on every shampoo instruction label in the 80’s after the word “rinse”. The word? “Repeat.”