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Hiding in plain sight

  Another example of a logo that looks deceptively simple but contains a hidden element that you may not see at first glance– This logo for the London Symphony Orchestra reads nicely as a graceful abstract shape, and on closer inspection you can see the shape consists of the initials “LSO”. But…there is yet another… Read more »

Hidden in plain sight

I’ve always enjoyed the smiling Amazon logo but didn’t realize I was missing out on a more subtle message it contains as well. What I hadn’t noticed was that the smile is also an arrow. An arrow that points from a to z, referring to Amazon’s amazing breadth as a retailer. Many logos contain somewhat… Read more »

Cherchez la femme

The Starbucks siren/mermaid (see previous post) is not the only company figurehead who had to clean up her image. In a logo designed to promote tourism, Marianne  (France’s female counterpart to America’s Uncle Sam) was depicted along with the slogan “Rendez-vous en France”. All good. Then it was pointed out that Marianne was a little… Read more »

Typography talks!

You may have heard about the teenager who proposed a way for the federal government to save millions of dollars a year (in ink) by simply changing the typefaces it uses for printing. But were you aware that selecting the right typeface can also increase readership? If you’ve ever found it difficult to read through… Read more »


We’ve all heard this acronym for  “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. A variation on this from the Bill Clinton’s 1993 run for US President: was “It’s About the Economy, Stupid”. It helped the campaign stay on topic. Brevity is the very soul of great logo design. You have just a second to attract the attention of… Read more »

Typographical trivia

Almost everyone misuses the term “font” when referring to type. We tend to use it to mean “typeface”. So to be precise, “Helvetica” and “Times Roman” are different type families, not different fonts. Font actually refers to the difference in size and weight of type within the same type family. Helvetica Bold 12 pt. is… Read more »

Sir Isaac Newton doesn't work here any more

We’re all familiar with the iconic Apple logo, which has undergone many changes over the years. But did you know that the original logo looked very different? The original logo from 1976 has an elaborate illustration depicting Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple hanging over his head (just moments away from his… Read more »

Logo trends: proceed with caution

One of the current trends in logo design is for a much more simplified design.             But here’s the caveat: while simplicity can be a good thing, don’t let your logo get so minimal that it feels generic. Some well-known companies have recently taken this trend too far and lost… Read more »

New is not always better

When Gap decided to update their logo design a few years ago, the new design sparked such a negative public outcry that the older version was quickly reinstated. Which goes to show that a decades-old identity can still work, and change for the sake of change is not always such a good idea. Part of… Read more »

That’s no mermaid…

The Starbuck’ s logo is one of the most recognized brands in the entire world. Can’t you just picture it? Since introducing the brand in 1971, Starbucks has actually changed their logo over eight times. (According to Starbuck’s the lady in the logo is not a “mermaid”. She’s a “siren”–they have a slightly different job… Read more »