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Typographical trivia

Almost everyone misuses the term “font” when referring to type. We tend to use it to mean “typeface”. So to be precise, “Helvetica” and “Times Roman” are different type families, not different fonts. Font actually refers to the difference in size and weight of type within the same type family. Helvetica Bold 12 pt. is… Read more »

It wasn't on the list, but…

Did you know that over 70% of our purchase decisions are made while we’re in a grocery store? And package design has a lot to do with those decisions. Package design is such a powerful influencer that a redesign for the wrapper of one popular brand of chewing gum recently involved the work of 12… Read more »

Catalog covers tell a story

As Daniel Pink, best-selling author and business thinker says,  “A story is not just logic. It’s the narrative.” We all know logic is a very good thing.  But do you ever wonder why you just appreciate some things and then really connect with other things? Any catalog design worth its salt is based on logic…. Read more »

What do you notice first?

When looking at all kinds of advertising, our eyes notice color first. Then shape. And on through a complex sorting hierarchy that we aren’t even consciously aware of. But we all do it, and it all happens in a fraction of a second. With all the intense competition for your attention, it’s important to understand… Read more »

Color: it’s all in your head

In graphic design, color has a lot of influence. Our reaction to color is so subjective that it’s impossible to look at color without some kind of emotional response. Here’s a real-life example and a favorite advertising story: Three different colors were tested for the packaging for the same laundry detergent: those who tried the… Read more »

Turbo shopping

The average amount of time a customer spends looking at an item in the supermarket? 1/26th of a second. If your package design hasn’t captured their interest by then, they’ve moved on. Good graphic design involves quickly getting your attention (in a good way). And once it has, you then you have the opportunity to… Read more »

Graphic Design in Santa Rosa, CA

Iceberg Strategic Creative provides topnotch graphic design services in Santa Rosa. We have over thirty years of national experience in marketing and advertising and are known for our expertise in differentiating your brand in a very crowded marketplace. You want to make sure your graphic design is not just created by some freelance designer who… Read more »

Welcome to the Iceberg Strategic Creative Blog

Iceberg Strategic Creative has over thirty years of national experience creating strong brands. Our branding expertise gives us the insight to know just what influences a buying decision. And how our brain processes what we see. And why it matters. Gale Peck, founder and principal of Iceberg, is a graphic designer and marketing and advertising… Read more »