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What is a good ad?

The best ads are the ones that make us feel “If I had this [product or service], my life would somehow be better.” Think about it. If the product or service doesn’t have the ability to inspire that thought, that’s a problem. And you won’t be able to create very convincing advertising or much in… Read more »

The message IS the message

You may have heard the saying “the medium is the message”.  Not so. Sometimes we think “What I need is a brochure!” or “A new website will increase profits!” when what we really need to be thinking about is getting the right message to the right audience. Once we have the strategy for that worked… Read more »

Oops! Again.

In advertising it’s extremely important to communicate clearly and concisely. You have just a split second to get your message across and accuracy is everything. On the other hand, advertising can also be sublime when there is just a little something that gets mangled in the process. For example: “There is a French widow in… Read more »

Just do……what?

Dan Weiden, the co-founder of Weiden & Kennedy, was working on a new series of ads for Nike. The ad campaign featured athletes performing different sports and was visually compelling but it needed the added punch of a good tagline. Weiden was still struggling to come up with a new slogan the night before the… Read more »

Advertising: keep it simple

Many regard “The Great Gatsby” as the great American novel. What you may not know is that F. Scott Fitzgerald made his living as an advertising man in the 1930’s. For the grand sum of $35.00 a week. He was given a raise for writing this deathless prose for a steam laundry in Muscatine, Iowa:… Read more »

Don't blink or you'll miss it

You may have heard of the 6-second rule when it comes to how much time we have to spend looking at an advertising billboard while driving by. Or the fact that you should stick to 7 words or less. At 55 mph that’s all the time you have! Back in 1835, when billboards began to… Read more »

Are you speaking like you?

Years ago I first heard the term “copy voice” as in  “the copywriter wrote this catalog in the voice of Eddie Bauer.”  Since then I have heard of it in reference to Harry and David, The Nature Company, and so on.  They all have their own copy voices, and it’s an essential part of their… Read more »

The power of one word

What one word, when added to the directions on a package, virtually doubled sales? (This is not a trick question). The word was on every shampoo instruction label in the 80’s after the word “rinse”. The word? “Repeat.”