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Typographical trivia

Almost everyone misuses the term “font” when referring to type. We tend to use it to mean “typeface”. So to be precise, “Helvetica” and “Times Roman” are different type families, not different fonts. Font actually refers to the difference in size and weight of type within the same type family. Helvetica Bold 12 pt. is… Read more »

Advertising: my, how it's changed!

  In the earlier days of advertising, it was simply enough to let someone know what you had for sale. It was nice to talk about the product’s benefits and all, but in the days of far less competition, sometimes you just had to let someone know you had something for sale and they would… Read more »

Logo trends: proceed with caution

One of the current trends in logo design is for a much more simplified design.             But here’s the caveat: while simplicity can be a good thing, don’t let your logo get so minimal that it feels generic. Some well-known companies have recently taken this trend too far and lost… Read more »

Are you speaking like you?

Years ago I first heard the term “copy voice” as in  “the copywriter wrote this catalog in the voice of Eddie Bauer.”  Since then I have heard of it in reference to Harry and David, The Nature Company, and so on.  They all have their own copy voices, and it’s an essential part of their… Read more »

New is not always better

When Gap decided to update their logo design a few years ago, the new design sparked such a negative public outcry that the older version was quickly reinstated. Which goes to show that a decades-old identity can still work, and change for the sake of change is not always such a good idea. Part of… Read more »

That’s no mermaid…

The Starbuck’ s logo is one of the most recognized brands in the entire world. Can’t you just picture it? Since introducing the brand in 1971, Starbucks has actually changed their logo over eight times. (According to Starbuck’s the lady in the logo is not a “mermaid”. She’s a “siren”–they have a slightly different job… Read more »

Now that’s what I call a good logo!

The word logo comes from the Latin word for logic and means to persuade by using reason. Often the best logos look disarmingly simple, but what we see is just the tip of the iceberg. About 90% of the work that goes into good logo design is the thoughtful strategy and logic built into it. We… Read more »

How’s this for rebranding?

When Marlboro cigarettes were first introduced, their advertising was marketed to appeal to women.  They even had a red-tipped filter to camouflage lipstick. Not exactly the Marlboro Man of today. Same product; different brand marketing!

Welcome to the Iceberg Strategic Creative Blog

Iceberg Strategic Creative has over thirty years of national experience creating strong brands. Our branding expertise gives us the insight to know just what influences a buying decision. And how our brain processes what we see. And why it matters. Gale Peck, founder and principal of Iceberg, is a graphic designer and marketing and advertising… Read more »