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What do you notice first?

When looking at all kinds of advertising, our eyes notice color first. Then shape. And on through a complex sorting hierarchy that we aren’t even consciously aware of. But we all do it, and it all happens in a fraction of a second. With all the intense competition for your attention, it’s important to understand… Read more »

Advertising: my, how it's changed!

  In the earlier days of advertising, it was simply enough to let someone know what you had for sale. It was nice to talk about the product’s benefits and all, but in the days of far less competition, sometimes you just had to let someone know you had something for sale and they would… Read more »

Advertising: small changes, big results

Here is a page from a catalog designed for Viansa Winery. The same products on this page were featured in the catalog the year before, but because of small but important changes that were made, this page performed over 30% better than the previous one. Whether it’s wine or widgets, it’s all about delivering what… Read more »

New is not always better

When Gap decided to update their logo design a few years ago, the new design sparked such a negative public outcry that the older version was quickly reinstated. Which goes to show that a decades-old identity can still work, and change for the sake of change is not always such a good idea. Part of… Read more »

The power of one word

What one word, when added to the directions on a package, virtually doubled sales? (This is not a trick question). The word was on every shampoo instruction label in the 80’s after the word “rinse”. The word? “Repeat.”

How’s this for rebranding?

When Marlboro cigarettes were first introduced, their advertising was marketed to appeal to women.  They even had a red-tipped filter to camouflage lipstick. Not exactly the Marlboro Man of today. Same product; different brand marketing!