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A genius by any standard

A good rule of thumb for creative advertising is, if you feel like you’ve seen it before, don’t do it! To stand out, it’s got to be original (in a good way). It would be hard to imagine someone creating something more original than Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. Theodore Geisel actually developed his distinctive… Read more »

Typography talks!

You may have heard about the teenager who proposed a way for the federal government to save millions of dollars a year (in ink) by simply changing the typefaces it uses for printing. But were you aware that selecting the right typeface can also increase readership? If you’ve ever found it difficult to read through… Read more »

For success you need talent and…?

In his best-selling book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell talks about an important differentiator he believes makes talented people extremely successful. In addition to their obvious talent, Gladwell points out another factor he believes worked in their favor: the Beatles’ early years of performing in Hamburg and small clubs. He attributes their success in no small part… Read more »

Hello. Hola. Meow.

In marketing, identifying your target market is key. These special people need to feel you’re are speaking directly to them and know what they want. Successful businesses know they aren’t trying to sell to just anybody and everybody. Those messages end up being so general they don’t really speak directly to anybody at all. Identifying… Read more »

Just do……what?

Dan Weiden, the co-founder of Weiden & Kennedy, was working on a new series of ads for Nike. The ad campaign featured athletes performing different sports and was visually compelling but it needed the added punch of a good tagline. Weiden was still struggling to come up with a new slogan the night before the… Read more »

Advertising: keep it simple

Many regard “The Great Gatsby” as the great American novel. What you may not know is that F. Scott Fitzgerald made his living as an advertising man in the 1930’s. For the grand sum of $35.00 a week. He was given a raise for writing this deathless prose for a steam laundry in Muscatine, Iowa:… Read more »

A child could do it?

In a television ad, a little girl was shown making photocopies on a Xerox copier to illustrate how easy it was to operate. This was at a time when the product was relatively new, so some viewers questioned if the little girl making copies wasn’t misleading advertising. Even the Federal Trade Commission intervened. In rebuttal,… Read more »

Advertising: less is more

One of the most successful advertising slogans ever written is “Got Milk?” Just two words. And not even proper grammar. But effective! That campaign evoked a strong emotional response and I always made a mental note to have some milk in the fridge. You never know when you’ll encounter a batch of freshly-baked chocolate chip… Read more »

A bird in the hand

It’s said that it’s five to ten times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Advertising to prospects is not the same as advertising to current customers. You may be offering the same product to each one, but their needs and desires can be very different.  A… Read more »

Don't blink or you'll miss it

You may have heard of the 6-second rule when it comes to how much time we have to spend looking at an advertising billboard while driving by. Or the fact that you should stick to 7 words or less. At 55 mph that’s all the time you have! Back in 1835, when billboards began to… Read more »