Catalog Design in Santa Rosa

For Iceberg Strategic Creative in Santa Rosa, catalog design is an important part of what we offer in our wide range of creative services. Great catalogs require a very special mix of skill sets including graphic design, photography, copywriting, publishing and direct marketing.

Gale Peck, the principal and founder of Iceberg, has many years of experience in designing successful catalogs for many national clients, including Eddie Bauer, Viansa Winery, Hallmark Gold Crown and Geerlings and Wade. Gale has the kind of experience that gives her insight into how we respond to the visuals we see and what prompts a buying decision.

Gale can also help you decide if a print or online catalog is the right advertising channel for you. As with everything there are pros and cons to both and it's extremely important to understand your options. There's no magic bullet out there: we will help you to make an informed decision. And we can take you from concept to finished product.

A successful catalog is a vibrant expression of your brand and it is what makes your catalog connect with your target audience. Strategic branding is the basis of everything we do at Iceberg Strategic Creative. Think of the design that you see as the 10% of the iceberg that your prospects will see, and the strategic marketing as the 90% your prospects don't see. But it's there. And it makes all the difference.

Looking for just the right catalog design for your Santa Rosa business? Just pick up the phone and schedule a free of charge initial consultation with Gale at 707.545.4253 or email We welcome your questions.

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