Benefits vs Features


Photo Direction: Gale Peck. Client: Hallmark Gold Crown

You’ll notice that the actual product being sold on the left is only a very small part of the entire ad.

Now imagine the same ad space showing only the product, with callouts identifying its features: size, materials, weight, etc.

Which ad do you think is going to sell better?

This ad is focused on a target market interested in products with meaning that transcends physical attributes. Everything, down to the selective focus and soft lighting of the photography contributes to this feeling. It allows the viewer to emotionally connect with the product and imagine how it might add to the quality of their own lives.

There’s a lot more to good advertising than meets the eye. What lies below the tip of the iceberg that we see is the other 90%; the strategic marketing that makes all the difference. Contact Gale at Iceberg Strategic Creative for a complimentary initial consultation and find out how to connect with your target market!

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